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LED table lamps desk lamps

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  • Input Voltage: 12v
  • Brand Name: Xanso
  • Life: 30,000h
  • Model Number: A7
  • Color: White
  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland),Guangdong



    Fashion touch sensor key, Elegant experience for controlling.

    Three level regulating LED brightness.

    Can arbitrarily adjust the irradiation angle, easy to use.

    Healthy protecting eyes: no stroboscopic, no radiation, more protection eyes.

    Low carbon environmental protection: LED light source is without Tungsten, Mercury and other toxic metals, refuse the environmental pollution.

Product specifications:


1.         Please put the product distribution of the power adapter connected to the lamp then connected to the power supply.

2.         When using the lamp for the first time, DC plug the power adapter connection with DC plug of product, plug the power adapter plug in the appropriate socket.

3.         Turn on the lights, and turn off the lights: quick touch sensor key product base with your fingers, just could light up and turn off LED lights.

4.         The LED light brightness adjustment: with a finger touch sensor key product base, and three-level light adjust the brightness.

5.         Adjust the bends, choosing the right light angle.



1.        This lamp is intended for indoor use only.

2.        Please do not use in overly moist environment.

3.        Appearance: please do not use acid or alkaline cleaners scrubbed.

4.         Product when unused for long periods, disconnect the power adapter.

5.        Please do not disassemble lamp repairs on their own.

6.        Please do not use where the lamp is placed in direct sunlight or near a heat source.

7.         Please do not place the lamp in soft places, flammable.

8.        The lamp don’t get close to flammable objects.

9.        Please do not place the lamp in rough environments or greater than 6 ° on the slope of the water levels.

10.    The output wires in use cannot be a knot, tied up in a ball, it is imperative that wire nature stretch out.

11.    Please do not use multifunctional relay socket.

12.    The power cord when the skin is damaged do not use the lamp, please replace the same model adapter.

This lamp is a category II, lighting must be supporting the delivery of the power adapter to function properly. Lamps DC5V DC power can be used, make sure that the voltage does not exceed the requirements of lighting range.

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